Your Papa’s Pizza To Go

In January of 1986, a small-town man and his business partner opened the very first Papa’s Pizza To Go in tiny, closet-sized mobile unit in a vacant lot in McCaysville, GA.

They wanted to focus on small towns and offer good food, good choices and a place to eat where customers and servers know each others’ names.  It quickly became apparent that this tiny pizza stand was going to be a great success when customers lined up waiting to try this unique pizza and other delicious items like Papa’s signature Piggy Stix, hot breadsticks covered in crumbled bacon and cheese.

Papa’s Pizza To Go was created with “small town USA” in mind and the mantra “think small, grow big” by offering a diverse menu to keep people coming back for more and locally focused marketing to allow restaurant owners to get-to-know their costumers. All restaurants were opened in small towns with populations from 3,000 to 6,000 and focused all aspects of the restaurant to the pace of small town life including hours, promotions, and menu.

For over two decades of success, Papa’s Pizza To Go has remained committed to serving customers with an expansive menu to satisfy all appetites at a reasonable price with restaurants in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.

Papa’s Pizza To Go offers a diverse menu featuring delicious pizza, breadsticks, subs, salads, pastas, and delicious desserts! All of our items are made with the freshest ingredients available. Each location makes their own pizza dough, pizza sauce and ranch dressing in the stores every day.